best animated intro ive seen in ages!

You may or may not have seen this but i do believe its the best animated intro for a game ive ever seen!

BONUS POINTS and Achievement will be awarded for the first person to identify another very well known animation project this studio put out there ;)

IM so utterly blown away by the awesome that is this intro and i never even paid attention to the Beatles! ;)
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Furry game incoming!

Some of the old timer furs out there will recognise the artist/author of this one.

Some of the initial reaction to the game is seriously funny , pointing out both the furry phobias of the typical 12 year old gamer and the torn reactions of wanting to play such a beautiful game without looking like a furry. Way to fuck those poor, ass hat shit eating needs to be punched in the face, 12 year old gamerkid punk ass little , used to having the world handed to them on a silver platter, homophobe, makes me want to commit genocide for all those on xbox live and under 18 years old, sons of bitch kids!

You do us all proud by breaking their poor little spotless minds ;)
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just kill me now :(

I just managed to delete every video file on my computer including califur videos and video from california extreme arcade expo. There were irreplaceable videos there too. they are gone now :(

FUCK... :(

Thats what i get for forgetting where i was backing up the video files to. goddamnit :(

way to end the evening you dumb piece of shit :(
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color me impressed!

Well completely contrary to popular opinion, this years Califur was a friggin BLAST! They needed to knock one out of the park after last years hotel shit storm. Boy did they ever!

The new hotel was perfect for this con! we had the entire convention space the elevators worked, and despite the typical badge nazi-ing, which was far more tolerable this year than last year, and the behind schedule dance and cabaret, things went wonderfully. panels were there, shows went off, tho not on time on saturday evening. Hell the hotel staff was all smiles at the sight of fursuits this time around. The lady at starbucks was especially tickled and curious of the convention. Stark contrast to the shit hotel last year :)

The dealers area was quite large, the dance was good n flashy and loud, and the people and new friends i met while there were just BEYOND awesome.

So say what you will about this con, but unless you were there this year, you dont have a clue what you missed.

OH and seneca was loved alot by hallway passer bys. i had no idea folks still remember and like him :)

So after this year you can be damn sure ill be there next year. to rate this con i give it a good firm 8 out of 10!

2 points off for the sparse badge nazis. take care of the dork douches that cant handle the power and responsibility of being handed a 2 way radio, and youll have an awesome con. :)

The hotel tho gets a 9 tho. not a 10 only because the bar was over priced. Food was available within 2 miles of the hotel 24 hours a day. mucho points for that! Location is awesome.

way to go on a great CF 2009!

so for those that went, what do you think? id love to know what you all thought while there. :)
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damn... its beautiful...

I have a reason to buy a PS3 now.

Dragon? Griffon? i dont know. What i do know is that that amazingly cute creature is going to cost me 300 some odd dollars and then some. i Cant wait!

Unfortunatly, knowing Team ICO and their previous games, i fear that the beautiful animal in this video will likely be killed by the end of the game :( If thats the case i hope i can manage to hold back the inevitable tears. Damn why do Team ICO games have to be so damn depressing :P
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