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THey can say they warned us but, it don't make it right...

Yeah so no matter how many times its pointed out beforehand on the FC website, that this would happen, the fact that Fairmont is charging this far in advance a non refundable amount on rooms, is just WRONG. Seriously what kind of policy is this? I personally don't care, except that the money charged will accrue 2 months of interest as i wont get the money share from roomies at the con until the con itself.


Parking is gonna be a cluster fuck too. And yes before you say, "but theres free parking" lets consider the fact that suiters like myself will be carrying massive amounts of fur and fluff weighting close to 60 pounds in some cases (my case) and well if i don't have someone to leave them with them park, that leaves me pretty ass out. theres paid parking a block over but its still a long way to the front door when your trying to carry 2 bags that are larger than you are.

so... yeah...

Fairmont... heh... nice one. :P

Might i suggest Santa Clara Convention center or at least a hotel thats even just moderately PRACTICAL.

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