Double Stuff is sold. A new challenger enters the ring!

So as much as it pains me, I finally sold my skunk to a very worthy local fur. Fortunately he will be doing gigs and cons so he will still be out and about.

Now the fun part:

In a few weeks my new suit/character will arrive. He's a chubby ------!
I've waited over a decade to be a ------ so I'm pretty eager! There's apparently alot of fans of ------es so I think he's gonna be well received.

Hint: his fur is ------ colored and those keen eyed followers of mine on FA can actually figure out what he is. ;)
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Is this thing still on!?

Figured id use my LJ i am after all paying nothing for it and all those muns are going to waste!

Anyways. ive noticed a bunch of artists that highly emulate disney style or just other artists. While ive no problem with this, (flattery is the sincerest form of flatter after fatter... um.. shatner flatterer... WHATEVER!) Ive noticed at least a couple charging for it, or at least taking credit for the content AND style. Im not like any crusade to rid the world of this, its just kinda there and i just shake my head and think, "Damn kids"

Anyways. does anyone give a shit? I mean about my posts!? emo bla emo bla! bla bla emoemoemo! rah rah rah!!!


Anyways. um... well shit i dont know what to do when i have more than 140 characters of space! Um maybe ill sing. NO... wait... no one wants that.


*runs away flapping and squawking*
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death of a captain

For those that watch and enjoy DEADLIEST CATCH, i heard news yesterday that Capt. Phill Harris, died of a stroke. ANyone that watches th show knows he has had heart issues and even a close call right on camera, nearly dieing as a clot passed through his heart.

Anyways. just thought id pass that along for fans of the show and the man.
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THey can say they warned us but, it don't make it right...

Yeah so no matter how many times its pointed out beforehand on the FC website, that this would happen, the fact that Fairmont is charging this far in advance a non refundable amount on rooms, is just WRONG. Seriously what kind of policy is this? I personally don't care, except that the money charged will accrue 2 months of interest as i wont get the money share from roomies at the con until the con itself.


Parking is gonna be a cluster fuck too. And yes before you say, "but theres free parking" lets consider the fact that suiters like myself will be carrying massive amounts of fur and fluff weighting close to 60 pounds in some cases (my case) and well if i don't have someone to leave them with them park, that leaves me pretty ass out. theres paid parking a block over but its still a long way to the front door when your trying to carry 2 bags that are larger than you are.

so... yeah...

Fairmont... heh... nice one. :P

Might i suggest Santa Clara Convention center or at least a hotel thats even just moderately PRACTICAL.
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wanna excuse to suit...

Ive been really kinda blah lately hoping to find some excused to suit up and have some fun. not necessarily gig style. I guess i just am wondering if anyone just parties and suits up for the sake of having fun any more?

maybe they do and i just dont know about such gatherings..
eh just been kinda wishing for more to do with suits n stuff. hang with friends more, party even who knows :P

Just been feeling maybe kinda out of the loop or even just kinda forgotten lately. who knows :P theres just a hyena big macaw, a skunk and a fat lion sitting in my closet looking awfully lonely.
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For my curious friends smoking and non...

Heres a video that perfectly explains what you've seen me doing IRL. 10 minuets very well spent if your curious about my E-CIGs. How they work, what they do, what its like and wether you want one of your own (ONLY IF YOU ALREADY SMOKE! I DONT CONDONE STARTING IF YOU DONT ALREADY) I cant recommend these enough to my friends that smoke. The reception has been nothing but smiles from even my non smoking friends. It basically takes out all annoyances with regular (analog) smoking. Wether or not friends want me quitting is kinda up in the air. they seem less vocal about it when its not bothering them ;)

enjoy. This guy is really quite good at summing it all up.
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